Why Choose Me?

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is JC Dawkins, and I’m a realtor with Century 21 AllPoints Realty. We have 8 offices throughout Connecticut, and we serve all of Connecticut and southern Massachusetts.

Some people ask me what does JC stand for, and I jokingly say that JC stands for Just Close, and that represents how I will do everything in my power to take the pressure and stress off my clients to help them achieve their real estate goals. [Actually, JC just stands for my first and last name before I got married. It just stuck.]

I know real estate transactions are serious, but why do real estate transactions have to be so serious. I’m going to bring the stress levels down by doing the following things, plus much more:

  1. Before people even become my clients, I will give them access to my videos that explain key aspects of real estate, like what’s the best time to sell or what should 1st time home buyers expect.
  2. I will communicate with my clients once a week or more to update them on any changes, as we move toward closure of their real estate transaction.
  3. I will let my clients know what to anticipate at each state of the process and ensure that they understand what is happening at every stage.
  4. For sellers, I will help you price your home competitively.
  5. For buyers, I will negotiate the best price and terms.
  6. I will make it easy for you to reach me and my team so we can address issues and come up with solutions fast.
  7. Our team will monitor the process to ensure everything is proceeding as planned. If there are delays, we will notify you immediately.
  8. We will guide you through the closing transaction and give you insight and advice along the way.
  9. We will utilize our exclusive marketing plan to get the maximum exposure for your home to find buyers for your home.
  10. We will refer stagers who will help you make your house look at its best to attract the most buyers.

In conclusion, my team and I will be relentless in working to achieve your real estate goals.

I welcome the opportunity of chatting with you and explaining how my team and I can help you.

Call me at: 860-856-6833